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qilije circuit board


City: Shenzheng

State: Guang dong

Country / Region: China

Tel: 18923412788

qilije circuit board

Products & Services:

Double-sided PCB
Aluminum PCB
Flexible PCB
Multilayer PCB
Single-sided PCB
Ultrathin PCB
Ceramic PCB
Teflon PCB
Polyimide PCB
Iron PCB
Copper PCB
Ceramic PCB
Resin Plug Hole PCB

Company Profile:

Shenzhen Qilijie Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in September 2009. It is a manufacturer specializing in customizing 1-28 layer aluminum base circuit board, microwave high frequency circuit board, multi-layer impedance circuit board, soft-hard combination multi-layer PCB, resin plug hole multi-layer PCB and other high precision circuit board manufacturers. Has advanced production equipment at home and abroad and the top experienced technical team. 200 elite talents with more than 15 years'experience are in reserve. The monthly production capacity is 20 million square feet. The minimum linewidth is 3mil, the minimum aperture is 6mil and the maximum size is 500x1200mm. China's top line board manufacturer

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    High frequency PCB...

     Hot! Qilijie Electronics is one of the best manufacturers of Multilayer impedance PCB in China. It mainly produces aluminum PCB, flexible circuit board, rigid flex pcb, multilayer hdi pcb, PTFE high frequency PCB, Rogers multilayer impedance PCB, HDI blind hole multilayer circuit board, soft-hard composite PCB and so on. PCB products are sold all over the world.

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