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  1. Agriculture new!

    Agriculture & Byproduct Agents(366) Agriculture Product Stocks(69) Agriculture Products Processing(33) Agriculture Projects(763) Animal Extract(78) Animal Fodders(23) Animal Husbandry(607) Animal Husbandry Equipment(297) Aquatic Products(445) Artificial Crafts(6) Bamboo Rattan Products(149) Beans(194) Charcoal(91) Special Crops(116) Dried Fruits(137) Eggs(41) Farm Machines Tools(163) Fertilizer(102) Fishery Machinery(530) Flowers & Plant new! Flowers Plant(141) Fodder Additives new! Forest Machinery(11) Fruit(924) Grain(997) Horticulture(53) Live Animals(336) Miniascape(311) Mushroom & Truffle(279) Others(20) 

  2. Food & Beverage(8,160)

    Organic Food(1,675) Bean Products(66) Beverages(2,296) Bread & Biscuit(86) Canned Food(99) Cooking Equipment(399) Dairy Products(423) Edible Oil(139) Egg Products(62) Fast Food(55) Food Additives(23) Food Agents(31) Food Processing(102) Food Processing Machinery(464) Food Projects(3,777) Food Stocks(18) Frozen Food(51) Health Food new! Honey Products(67) Meat Poultry(489) Noodles(26) Others(267) Snacks(202) Spices Seasonings(439) Starch(84) Sugar(386) Tea(1,375) 

  3. Apparel(9,492)

    Accessories(1,497) Apparel Agents(341) Apparel Designing Processing(712) Apparel Projects(2,407) Apparel Stocks(98) Athletic Wear(963) Ceremonial Dress(513) Children Garment(78) Down Garment(728) Ethnic Garment(158) Footwear(7,483) Gloves Mittens(153) Hats Caps(114) Infant Garment(137) Jacket(94) Jeans(95) Leather Garment(133) Leisure Wear(329) Neckties(75) Others(273) Outerwear(91) Overcoat(29) Pants Trousers(117) Related Machine(38) Scarves(71) Sewing Machinery(107) Shirts(280) Silk Garment(92) Socks Stockings(379) Specialty(119) 

  4. Textile(4,892)

    Bedding(591) Blend Fabrics(30) Carpets(1,456) Chemical Fabrics(5) Cotton Fabrics(63) Crafts Textile(62) Household Textile(44) Knitting Fabrics(76) Leather Products(99) Linen(56) Non-woven Cloth(128) Others(75) Precoat(16) Silk(375) Textile Accessories(79) Textile Agents(20) Textile Machinery Parts(120) Textile Materials(196) Textile Processing(30) Textile Projects(306) Textile Stocks(67) Textile Waste(12) Towels(583) Wool Fabrics(92) Yarn(307) 

  5. Electronics(9,397)

    Transformer(253) Cable & Wire(133) Calculator(53) Capacitor(14) Commercial Field new! Display Parts(38) Electronic Component(226) Electronic Data Systems(55) Electronic Instrument new! Electronics Agents(40) Electronics Designing Processing(193) Electronics Projects(150) Electronics Stocks(20) Fasteners(58) Filters(9) Financial Field(10) Inductance Organ(3) Insulation Material(62) LED(399) Magnetic Materials(7) Relay(22) Switch(32) Radar & Vector Device(6) Optical Instrument Parts(50) Others(184) Radio TV Equipment(120) Resistor(35) Sense Organ(620) Socket(13) Telecommunications(5,839) 

  6. Consumer Electronics new!

    Air Purifier new! Air Conditioner(50) Chargers(9) Coffee Maker(225) Consumer Electronics Agents new! Consumer Electronics Projects(217) Consumer Electronics Stocks(29) Pest Control & Insecticidal(76) Dehumidifier(139) Dish Washer(8) Disinfecting Cabinet(73) Audio & Video Products(989) Electric Kettle(6) Electric Ovens(15) Exhaust & Ventilator(54) Fanner(6) Food Processor(20) Hairdryer(19) Heaters(188) Humidifier(103) Electric Iron(46) Juicer(153) Microwave Oven(10) Mixer(37) Others new! Oxygen Setup(124) Equipment Facility(9) Refrigerator new! Remote Control(67) Rice Cooker(8) 

  7. Computer & Software(8,565)

    Computer(1,078) Security & Antivirus(70) Computer Related Projects(5,022) Consumables(43) Hardware Components(86) I/O Card(12) IC Card(154) MP3(475) Network Device(294) Network Engineering(272) Email & Cloud Drive(45) Notebooks/Laptops(352) Others(1,548) Domain Name & Web Hosting(7,252) Website Development(3,835) Peripherals(111) Second Hand(38) Server & Workstation(385) Software(9,973) Sotfware Design(5,638) UPS Power Supply(18) 

  8. Chemicals(6,437)

    Adhesives & Sealants(75) Catalyzer new! Chemical Machinery(278) Chemical Mineral(11) Chemical Projects(1,536) Chemical Reagent(13) Chemical Waste(437) Chemicals Designing Processing new! Chemicals Agents(124) Chemicals Stocks(57) Coatings(638) Drugs Medications(11) Dyestuffs(50) Biochemistry & Biochemical(14) Fertilizer(30) Fine Chemicals(78) Fodder Additives(22) Food Additives(8) High Polymers(487) Inorganic Chemical Materials new! Lab Supplies(246) Organic Chemical Materials(227) Others(112) Paint(387) Pesticides(17) Pigment(309) Plastics & Products(359) Printing Oil(149) Resin(105) Rubber Products(369) 

  9. Mining & Metallurgy(5,296)

    Iron Steel(2,933) Magnetic Materials(225) Metal Mineral(50) Metal Stocks(28) Metal Waste(96) Metallic Processing(33) Metallurgy & Mining Agents(21) Metallurgy Machinery(23) Mining and Metallurgy Projects(92) Mining Machinery(84) New Materials(17) Nonferrous Metal(522) Nonferrous Metal Alloy(359) Nonferrous Metal Products(62) Nonmetallic Mineral Deposit(150) Nonmetallic Mineral Products(14) Others(48) Piping Tubing(769) Wire Mesh(836) 

  10. Energy(7,109)

    Coal(312) Coal Gas(112) Electricity(446) Energy Agents(46) Energy Projects(971) Generators(597) Industrial Batteries(141) Natural Gas(353) Others new! Petroleum & Products(898) Solar and Recycling Energy(2,891) UPS Power Supply new! 

  11. Environment(2,793)

    Environment Projects(531) Gas Disposal(20) Noise Reduction Device(15) Others new! Recycling(346) Sewer(340) Waste Management(506) Water Treatment new! 

  12. Transportation(7,924)

    Auto Maintenance(542) Auto Parts(737) Automobile(8,320) Automobile Stocks(77) Aviation(4,675) Bicycles & Parts(829) Boats Ships(1,286) Cargo & Storage(1,269) Containers new! Elevators Funicular Cars(874) Gas Disposal(9) Motorcycles & Parts(1,214) Others(1,846) Parking(522) Related Products(323) Roadway Safety(129) Second Hand(417) Special Transportation Equipment(509) Trains Railroads(1,476) Transportation Product Agents(545) Transportation Projects(168) 

  13. Construction & Decoration(5,067)

    Home & Real Estate new! Bath & Toilet Appliances(2,318) Bricks Tiles(226) Building Ceramic(527) Building Coating(418) Building Establishment(74) Building Facilities(248) Building Glass(104) Building Metallic Materials(217) Building Plastic(153) Cement Sand(16) Road and Bridge(12) Construction Hardware(270) Construction Machinery(1,224) Construction Materials Stocks(192) Construction Projects(5,206) Decorating Design(3,285) Property Management(334) Doors Windows(3,080) Fireproof Materials(28) Flooring(2,801) Heat Insulation(434) Insulation(102) Kitchen Appliances(1,011) Lime Plaster(148) Real Estate Development(42) Others(457) Piping Tubing(521) Adhesives(409) Second Hand Equipment(42) 

  14. Industrial Supplies(7,604)

    Abrasives new! Air Compressing & Air Separation(1,329) Animal Husbandry Equipment(11) Boilers(408) Cable & Wire(608) Chemical Machinery(40) Common use Part(8,488) Construction Machinery(187) Daily Products Machinery(28) Draught Fan(33) Electric(40) Electric Control & Protect(89) Electric Power Tools(498) Electric Socket(23) Electronic Data Systems new! Electronic Instrument(4,873) Energy Saving(110) Engines(131) Farm Machines Tools(28) Filters(140) Fishery Machinery(3) Food Processing Machinery(56) Forest Machinery(18) Hardware Tools(553) Industrial Batteries(99) Industrial Electric(132) Industrial Lighting(1,277) Industrial Supplies Agents(4,387) Industrial Supplies Projects(782) Industrial Supplies Stocks(101) 

  15. Home Supplies(9,582)

    Babies(877) Bags & Cases(2,603) Batteries(199) Bedding(147) Candles(344) Clocks Watches(473) Clothes Rack & Clothes-pin(65) Cosmetics(619) Daily Products Machinery(29) Decorations Articles(56) Doorbell(45) Glasses(3,233) Flavour and Fragrance(30) Frames Display(39) Furniture(5,444) Home Cleaning(456) Home Supplies Agents(2,163) Home Supplies Projects(165) Home Supplies Stocks(48) Horticulture(149) Household Paper(29) Household Textile(23) Household Utensils(60) Infant Garment(138) Jewelry Imitation(2,324) Kitchenware(1,335) Laundry Products(1,086) Bath Products(917) Lighters(241) Lighting & Display(673) 

  16. Health Medicine new!

    Beauty Care Products(5,268) Beauty Equipment new! Biotechnology Products(866) Drugs Medications(75) Enzyme(44) Health Care Products(608) Health Product Agents(1,007) Health Projects(2,233) Herb Medicine(117) Herbs Natural Remedies(524) Medical Equipment(1,534) Medical Accessories(80) Medical Implements(1,810) Medical Supplies(226) Others(1,632) Pharmaceutic Machinery(175) Pharmaceutical Chemicals(38) Pharmacy Stocks(18) Life Sciences(2,127) Therapies(1,379) Therapies Services new! Veterinary Medicine(53) Weight Loss(9,455) 

  17. Arts Crafts(5,358)

    Antique Imitation Crafts(116) Antiques Collectibles(1,494) Artificial Crafts(32) Arts & Crafts Agents new! Arts & Crafts Stocks(116) Arts Designing(134) Bamboo Wooden Crafts(98) Basketry(92) Carving Crafts(19) Clay Figurine(19) Crafts Gifts(53) Crafts Textile(26) Crystal(108) Folk Crafts(32) Glassware(65) Holiday Decoration(30) Jade Crafts(26) Metal Crafts(56) Miniascape(3) Natural Crafts(1,052) Others(174) Paintings Calligraphies new! Paints Crafts(26) Paper Crafts(59) Plastic Crafts new! Pottery Enamel(134) Pyrography(24) Religious Crafts(19) Resinic Crafts(5) Sculptures(96) 

  18. Entertainment(8,279)

    Amusement Park(1,084) Exploration & Discovery(3,310) Entertainment Product Agents(266) Fishing(3,397) Philanthropy(2,589) Games(5,813) Holiday Decoration(2,005) Astrology , Horoscope & Fengshui(2,034) Musical Instrument(7,586) Others(3,225) Pet Products(5,066) Reading & Learning(236) Personal Homepage(2,029) Toys new! Humor & Joke(169) 

  19. Photography & Optics new!

    Camera(245) Film(64) Frames Display(39) Optical Instrument Parts(15) Others new! Photocopy Paper & Albums(25) Supplies and Equipment(102) Video Camera(51) 

  20. Sport Products(8,694)

    Parkour(175) Athletic Wear(1,496) Badminton(39) Baseball(300) Basketball(467) Bicycles & Parts(3,064) Billiards(396) Body Building(3,044) Bowling(286) Boxing(851) Bungee(38) Cheerleading(195) Chess(489) Mountaineering(595) Diving(652) Fishing(908) Outward Bound(89) Golf(4,173) Gymnastics(591) Horse Riding(269) Martial Arts(3,524) Others(457) Dancing(4,276) Racing(663) Racing Boat(328) Related Products(1,517) Rowing Boat(214) Yoga(3,113) Skids(121) Skiing & Skating(38) 

  21. Office Supplies new!

    Attendance Calculator(52) Consumable(299) Copiers(86) Education Appliances(38) Education Tools(437) Fax Machines(45) Graph Plotter(11) Office Furniture(3,165) Office Supplies Agents(1,226) Others(262) Paper(73) Printer(125) Projectors(272) Shredders and Cutters(148) Stationery new! Switchboard(145) Telephones(317) Video conferencing(296) 

  22. News & Media new!

    Books(4,206) CDs, Records & Tapes(26) Electronic Books(59) Internet Service new! Magazines(2,010) Movie(1,756) Newspaper(2,357) Others(1,802) Radio(118) Radio TV Equipment(1,682) TV(243) 

  23. Packaging & Printing(4,346)

    Label Tag(179) Others(93) Packaging Bags(473) Packaging Boxes(262) Packaging Case(41) Packaging Desiging Processing(24) Packaging Materials(396) Packaging Printing Service(979) Packaging Related Machinery(407) Paper Machinery(111) Paper Pulp(190) Printing & Packaging Agents(425) Printing Machinery(226) Utensils Vessels new! 

  24. Advertising & Marketing(5,111)

    Advertising Agency(4,445) Advertising Material(62) Balloon Advertising(196) CI Planning(24) Designing & Planning(7,860) Exhibition Advertising(47) Internet Advertising(9,090) Lantern Advertising(36) Market Research new! Neon light Advertising(299) Newspaper Advertising(47) Others(1,586) Promotion Gifts(1,457) Radio Advertising(258) Sports Advertising(22) Street Nameplate Advertising(244) Traffic Advertising(137) TV Advertising(83) 

  25. Exhibitions Fairs new!

    Booth Designing new! Convention Service new! Exhibition Convention Center(34) Exhibition Invitation(616) Others(130) 

  26. Consulting(5,920)

    Company Registration(2,066) Image Planning(416) Internet Marketing(8,478) Investment Consulting(5,030) Management Consulting(3,515) Market Research(911) Others new! Visa & Immigration(4,919) Technology Consulting(1,744) Trademark Registration(860) Trading Consulting(462) 

  27. Trade Agent(4,245)

    Advertisement Agents(88) Agriculture & Byproduct Agents new! Apparel Agents(8) Arts & Crafts Agents new! Chemicals Agents new! Computer & Software Agents(54) Construction Agents(3) Consumer Electronics Agents(2) Electronics Agents(3) Energy Agents new! Entertainment Product Agents new! Food Agents(4) Health Product Agents(4) Home Supplies Agents(8) Import Export Agents(56) Industrial Supplies Agents(7) Metallurgy & Mining Agents(2) Office Supplies Agents new! Others(138) Printing & Packaging Agents new! Real Estate Agents(3,819) Regional Agents(12) Security Product Agents(4) Sport Product Agents new! Textile Agents(2) Toy Agents new! Trademark Agents(12) Transportation Product Agents(25) 

  28. Services new!

    Restaurant & Cuisine(629) Brokerage new! Relocation & Logistics(6,069) Commercial Service(9,914) Designing, Processing, Custom Made(175) Education Training(8,363) Employment new! Finance & Economics(9,723) Funeral Interment(1,284) Auction(2,749) Tickets(1,703) Homemaking & Cleaning(3,123) Legal and Public Notary Services(6,843) Match-Making new! Others new! Weather Service(117) Study Abroad(828) Pawn(2,560) Repairing(3,511) Retailing(5,765) Service Projects(292) Telecommunication Postal & Express(2,331) Public Service(1,464) Translation Services(2,288) Travel(6,010) Undertaking Contracted Projects(42) Wedding Ceremony(2,004) 

  29. Economic Cooperation(5,957)

    Intellectual Property(835) Investment Opportunities(8,263) Others(6,719) Property Rights(20) Quota & Ratification(4) Technology Cooperation(149) Technology Transfer(30) Tender & Bidding(11) Trade Cooperation(6,936) Undertaking Contracted Projects(134) Venture Capitals(940) 

  30. Security(4,349)

    Access Control System(195) Security Management(51) Alarm(487) Child Safety(268) Anti Counterfeit Solutions(59) Burglarproof(29) Car Guard(21) Fire Fighting Apparatus(198) Guard and Emergency Service(177) Lifesaving(74) Locks(999) Others(177) Anti Static Products(20) Roadway Safety(13) Safe(34) Safety Products new! Security Product Agents(625) Surveillance Equipment(718) 

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