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How To Use Superplasticizer In Concrete?

Hello everyone, welcome! Our news today is for a clearer understanding of that, how to use superplasticizer in concrete?

The application of concrete superplasticizer is becoming more and more extensive, so we must ensure the correct use of water reducer in the construction process and give full play to its benefits.

The polycarboxylic acid-based superplasticizer is a copolymer obtained by copolymerizing active carboxylic acid monomers under the action of an initiator. The characteristics of polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer:

(1) With low dosage (0.2~0.5%) and high dispersion performance, water reduction rate can reach 35~50% or even higher;

(2) Good slump retention, no loss of slump within 120min, can be used to prepare high-strength or ultra-high-strength concrete, such as C60, C80, C100 and C150, etc.

(3) Molecular structure, high degree of freedom, many parameters that can be controlled in additive manufacturing technology, and high potential for high performance;

(4) Since formaldehyde is not used in the synthesis, it does not cause pollution to the environment

(5) Good compatibility with cement and other types of concrete additives

In short, the use of high-efficiency water-reducing agent must be combined with the actual project, according to the engineering design requirements, using accurate raw materials for concrete trial test.

If you need more details, please write to us! So this is the all information for the news, thank you for your time everyone!

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