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Method For Making Organic Glass Plate Involved

Method for making organic glass board relates to a paste method, hot pressing, the mosaic method, grinding method, grinding method, hot bending method is broken. Organic glass plate is placed on the table or table as a description of the brand, so in the production process must be carefully and neatly.
Pasting method of organic glass plate is an organic glass cutting to shape, on the plane in paste form. Hot pressing method is the organic glass sheet after heating, hot pressing in mold. This kind of modeling method of Arts and crafts with full body, the curve is smooth, three-dimensional sense of strong character, with relief effect. The hot pressing die can be made of wood, clay modeling, and then use the lead casting, plaster material as the female die, organic glass can be heated and pressed.
Mosaic is the organic glass blocks with different color cut into geometric pumping required, in the floor mosaic from. This method requires splicing tight corners, Zheng Ming, can receive the strong colors, but the effect of all blend into one harmonious whole.

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