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Application Of Metal High Voltage Connectors New Energy

At present, in the mainstream market (passenger car market), more plastic-oriented connectors are selected. Due to the combination of light weight and low cost, the cost will be the decisive factor in the next two years, but it does not mean metal. There is no market for mental connectors. Metal connectors have four excellent advantages compared to plastics in the transmission of large currents:

Excellent shielding performance
Good heat dissipation capacity
Strong environmental resistance
Smaller installation interface size (plastic products of the same grade)
Plastic Connector
Metal Connector
Excellent Shielding Performance

With the development of new energy vehicles, more and more electrical functions are being accumulated, and the shielding performance requirements of the entire vehicle are becoming higher and higher. For high-voltage systems, the layout of the wiring harness can basically be designed reasonably and the coverage of the shielding layer of the cable of the high-voltage wire harness can generally exceed 85%. For the high-voltage connector of the connection point of this system, the shielding performance is very important. If the shielding is a point to consideration, then the shielding performance of the high-voltage connector is this very important point.

For plastic-grade connectors, we usually use a metal shield to conduct 360 ° continuous shielding conduction. For metal connectors, it can be directly conducted through its own body and the risk is lower and the shielding resistance. It will also be smaller. According to the standard requirements of the Volkswagen system, the contact resistance of the shield connection is less than 10mΩ throughout the life cycle of the product. Now in the industry, the general requirement is less than 5mΩ. The shielding performance of the shield of the plastic connector itself. It has been done very well and more is to consider the impact in extreme cases and whether the continuity of shielding can be guaranteed.

Cooling Capacity

High-current connector conduction requires the connector itself to have very good heat dissipation capacity. For the connector, like protection and shielding, three points need to be considered, and its own temperature source also comes from these three areas, 1. Board end connection area 2. mating end 3. wire end crimping area; if these three areas are not handled well, it is easy to cause the temperature to be too high, causing the material to deform, etc . Because the conducted current is large, the higher temperature is certain. We require that the temperature rise of the connector is less than 50K, but in fact, the local temperature caused by the long-term high current is higher. If the plastic-grade material will also form a higher temperature cavity on the central axis of the terminal Area, because the thermal conductivity of plastic material is small, compared with metal, it is about 1/500 ~ 1/600 of metal, so this will lead to a long-term temperature of the connector cavity. Which will cause a series of risk problems. from In this regard, under the same cable specifications, the effect of three-point contact is not considered for the time being. Metal has a better heat dissipation capacity than plastic.

Installation interface Size More Smaller

Because of the lack of shielding, the width of the metal connector can be made smaller. The size of the plastic connector can be reduced by more than 10mm. In some small installation spaces, this size will cause very important. The optimization of this size is getting bigger and bigger.

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