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What Causes The Damage To The HV Power Connector?

In daily life, it is inevitable that the electric vehicle connectors will be damaged, which will cause unnecessary trouble. So we should protect it during use. What are the causes of the damage of the high voltage electric connector?
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1. Severe corrosion of the electrical connection wire, resulting in insufficient cross-section flow surface to be burned strands or broken wire.

2.The electric connecting line is loosely stranded, and the strand or the wire is burned.

3.The electric connection wire or the clamp has insufficient current carrying capacity and the strand or wire is burned.

4. Poor contact between the electrical connection wire and the wire clip or poor contact between the power supply wire clip and the contact wire, causing burns.

5.Insufficient contact between the clamp and the current-carrying surface, causing burns.

6.The looseness of the wire clamp nut was not found and dealt with in time, causing the electrical connector to fall off. After the connector is installed, there is no temperature change offset reservation or the offset reservation is too small.

7.After the connector is installed, there is no temperature change offset reservation or the offset reservation is too small.

8.After the electrical connector is installed, the temperature variation offset value is large, and the vertical electrical connection line between the load-bearing cable and the contact line relaxes until it relaxes to the lower part of the contact line and is damaged by the pantograph in operation Or slash it. The distance between the bottom ring of the vertical part and the contact line is too small, and it is damaged or slammed by the pantograph.

9.The installation of the power supply clamp on the contact wire is skewed and is knocked off by the pantograph, which may cause a bow accident.

10. Bowing occurs at other positions of the catenary, and the pantograph continues to run to the installation location of the electrical connector, damaging the electrical connector.

Based on the above points, we hope that you can avoid errors during use. Ensure and extend the life of high-voltage connectors

Last modified: 2020-07-27 10:36:30
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