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How Much Does Our Paraffin Wax Cost?

This question is some complicated than it sounds, it depends on many factors:

First of all, there are a lot of kinds of paraffin wax, and prices of course are different, it can start from 790$ to 850$ per ton. Below you can see picture 1 where is 11 different kinds of wax!

paraffin wax kunlun 54
paraffin wax kunlun 56
paraffin wax kunlun 56 powder
paraffin wax kunlun 58
paraffin wax kunlun 58 box
paraffin wax kunlun 60
paraffin wax kunlun 60 box
paraffin wax kunlun 64
paraffin wax 56
paraffin wax 58
paraffin wax 60
Second is the quantity, more you buy- cheaper you get product. And the same less you buy, more expensive you get.

This rule comes from factory principles, it is very hard to product small quantity product, it spends a lot of resources to start manufacturing, so it is only able to make big quantity of product. Below on Picture 2 is a minimum quantity of paraffin wax you can order.

How much does our paraffin wax cost?
Third factor is terms of trade, at this time there a lot terms of trade like FOB, EXW, FCA etc., it depends on customer’s choice. And of course it effects on wax price. Usually we give prices on FOB terms. Below on Picture 3 is some information about terms of trade:

How much does our paraffin wax cost?
Fourth and last one is market fluctuation. All of the products of any market can have some changes in prices, our paraffin wax is same. For example, paraffin wax five years ago was much cheaper than now, and sometimes difference in prices can change really fast, one day it is cheap and next day it’s not.

But we can help you with that, we have professional team of analytics who can solve it, we can notice customer about any changes in price on market, and even give recommendations when to buy paraffin wax!

So only after all of this factors, we can send you our final price. Anyway the best way is just to tell our manager about it, do not hesitate to contact, we are always glad to help customers!

Thank you for reading!

Last modified: 2020-07-20 13:59:51
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