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What Is Insulin Resistance

What is insulin resistance then? We did not have any diabetes in sugar Dailiangzhengchang it was called the Ren's Naishou can say right sugar normal, Neng Gou Jiang's Henhao blood sugar. However, we pre-diabetic patients that he is not a normal person, because he has a chromosomal gene mutation, then the gene variation on Daozhi with age after the emergence of what the insulin resistance. We used a small amount of insulin that can lower blood sugar better, and now will not be a large number of non-insulin to bring blood sugar down well.

Analogy it, before we move it a little push car, and now there insulin resistance, is like Che Gulu long rust, and our non of straining to push the car moving. So how this resistance is generated? This resistance is quite complicated, it is now our basic science diabetes research a hot topic. It has several aspects, one is to play the role of insulin and cells, must go to its receptor binding. The receptor is like a lock, insulin is like a key, key lock, to start a series of activities inside cells, such as cars, one car had the keys to open, cars will be running machine. Then the resistance is classified into pre-receptor resistance, for example, the quality of our poor insulin secretion, like the keys on it, not easy to unlock, this is a. There is also a problem that we lock well, we call receptor problem. That receptor is different positions have different structural variations, the key to unlocking not so smoothly. There it is, some of the internal functioning of our cells is not good, is like car keys to the car to open the machine, but not so Haohao De rotation. Inside cells inside the movement, the physiological changes it is very complex, each part of the problem if it can not run good. It is a normal combination of insulin with the receptor, the cell range of motion after motion Well, we finally launched a factor we called glucose transporter, transporter. Then the glucose transporter protein, the more, and on the cell membrane transport, go to the cell membrane after the passage of glucose put the cell membrane to open, then the blood sugar into the cells where to go inside, and if the activities of glucose less, open the door fewer blood cells than in the sugar go into the blood in the sugar high.

So we have to say where insulin resistance, we, as clinicians, clinical hospital is not for you to find the problem. Because it is the people who engage in basic medical research, but everyone is against us there, then there is a medicine called insulin sensitizers, which means that after taking the medicine, it is not through the insulin that link directly to promote Some links within the cell, so that increased glucose transport factor, so that our cells on the glucose-channel open and blood sugar. So now we have this drug to solve this problem.

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