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Double Head Cutting Saw

An operation panel is installed on the electric control cabinet, and the operation control element is installed on the operation panel. When cutting the workpiece, the operator shall press the button according to the operation procedure to complete the cutting and processing of the profile. Electric control cabinet can slide around in a certain range of the bed.

Next we're going to look at the types of double-headed saws. According to the configuration and the precision of cutting profile can be divided into two categories: ordinary double head saw, precision double head saw. Precision double - headed saws are divided into three categories, ordinary precision double - headed saws, digital display precision double - headed saws, CNC precision double - headed saws. We'll just talk about three of them.

1.Double-head Cutting Saw is used for cutting profile of doors and Windows with low configuration and precision, which can meet the processing requirements of general aluminum alloy doors and Windows and plastic steel doors and Windows.
We have learned about the double-headed saws in detail, and finally we will tell you about the maintenance and maintenance of the double-headed saws.

1. Lubrication and maintenance 1.1 Lubrication of round guide rail of bed adopts N68# mechanical oil.
1.2 after every 5000 hours of operation, the angular contact bearing of the saw spindle shall be cleaned, and the nbu-15 grease or no. 3 lithium grease (GB 7324-87) shall be added, which shall be about 1/3~2/3 of the volume of the bearing's inner chamber, and the bearing shall be replaced when the precision is not reached.

1.3 the parts in the saw head should be lubricated and maintained frequently to extend their service life. The mechanical oil N32# lubricated in winter and N68# lubricated in summer to remove the dust and dirt before lubrication.

1.4 maintenance of air source processor: water is discharged once per shift and cleaned once a week in the water purifier; the pressure gauge is adjusted to 0.5~ 0.8mpa; the oil mist ensures a certain oil level; the oil drop of mechanical oil (N32#) is adjusted to about one drop per minute.

2, maintain
In use for a period of time, the saw blade should be removed for sharpening, in order to maintain the sharp edge of the saw blade, if there is damage or serious wear of the edge, should be replaced, remove the saw blade, there is a special wrench in the accessory box, the direction of the saw blade wrench and saw cutting direction is the same as the loosen nut, otherwise is the locking nut.

Well, that's all we have this time about the double-headed sawing small knowledge sharing content, the picture in the text of several machines can all be found in Shandong Care Machinery Technology Co . , Ltd. Care Machinery for you to buy.

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