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Detection Of Direct Fuel Injection Pump

The 12PSB fuel injection pump test bench produced by Taixi International is used to test the performance of Euro II standard high pressure fuel injection pumps and is suitable for testing VE rotor pumps and in-line pumps.

At present, in-line pumps are the mainstream of mechanical fuel injection pumps. The principle and process of testing direct-injection in-line fuel injection pumps on the fuel injection pump test bench are as follows:

The working mode of the high-pressure pump fuel injection pump on the 12PSB fuel injection pump test bench is divided into stratified fuel injection and uniform fuel injection.

When the engine is running at low or medium speed, the stratified fuel injection mode is adopted; at this time, the throttle is in a half-open state, and the air enters the cylinder from the intake pipe and hits the top of the piston. Because the top of the piston is made into a special shape, the desired shape is formed near the injector. vortex. When the compression process comes to an end, a small amount of fuel is ejected from the injector to form combustible gas.

This stratified oil injection method can fully improve the economy of the engine. Because when the speed is low and the load is small, in addition to the formation of a higher concentration of oil and gas mixture around the injector, the fuel injection pump only needs a higher air mixture in other parts of the combustion chamber. The working principle is very close to the ideal state.

When the throttle is fully opened and the engine is running at high speed, a large amount of air enters the cylinder at high speed to form a strong swirl and mix with the fuel evenly. So as to promote the full combustion of fuel, increase the power output of the engine, achieve the purpose of improving power and reducing emissions!

Of course, our 12PSB series fuel injection pump test bench also contains many functions. We will continue to share with you the test working principle of the high pressure common rail test bench EFI test bench hydraulic pump test bench. I hope you will continue to pay attention to us!

Last modified: 2020-08-06 13:51:19
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