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How To Choose Sea Fishing Rod

First of all, whether it refers to offshore fishing or deep-sea fishing, you need to use a rod for marine boat fishing. Therefore, it is introduced that deep sea and offshore fishing are used together when using rods, but offshore fishing can be appropriately reduced. At least 5 sets of poles should be prepared for sailing and fishing to satisfy different sea fishing.
Sea raft pole

Sea raft rods are mainly used for offshore fishing, and are used to catch bottom fish. Generally, fishing in the offshore waters within 26 meters deep, the target fish are Shijiugong, grouper, yellow chicken, yellow foot, black bream, pomfret, etc. We all know that the tails of raft poles are relatively soft, and sea raft poles are no exception. But the sea raft pole must be harder than the freshwater raft pole. If the sea raft pole is too soft, it will be more troublesome for the middle fish to catch the fish, and the probability of hanging the bottom is higher.
Drag the pole

The tow pole is mainly to hang the Mino or the bow angle, and set the line 40 to 70 meters, with the help of the slow speed of the boat, drag the Mino or the bow angle to swim in the water, and use the Mino to hit the depth of 9-12 meters. The swimming style of the water attracts the bite of sea wolves and horse mackerels.
It should be noted that some imported Minos will make a sound like a fish cry during exercise, and the underwater swimming style is very beautiful, and they do not surface lightly. Domestic brands are not doing well enough in this regard. They can’t sink at all when trolling, and they often surface without catching fish. For the bow angle, different weathers require different colors, and the reflective effect of the colors is used to attract fish’s bite.
Draining rod

The release rod is to hang live bait such as live shrimp or live small fish when the boat is parked, and put it in the sea. Using the effect of the current, the live bait will swim in the sea and cause other fish to get out of the line. Grab a bite. It should be noted that the b

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