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What Are The Steps Of Paper Cup Machine

Paper cup machine operation to pay attention to the steps, science and efficiency of step can improve the paper cup machine. The following summarizes 9 aspects to note the steps of paper cup machine.

1 in the paper cup machine of preparatory work is completed, the starting motor to shout "start" in the absence of any response to the situation, we can start the motor. (this is to prevent the mechanic repair at the back of the opposite or the machine, the operator can not see and cause unnecessary accidents).

2 to observe the operating status of paper cup machine, take a cup of examination paper bonding effect, preheating, the main heat, knurling has no yellow, damage the cup.

3 check the bonded joint bonding effect, with indirect adverse situation, the bottom of the cup and adhesive bonding degree tearing a galling is appropriate, indirect not napping is suspected of cup, the test water test shall prevail.

4 in normal operation, such as found in or feeling machine abnormal place to the cup body's, and finally a cup too knurling rear can stop check.

5 unexpected shutdown time to restart the machine, to the market fourth. Five out, check the knurled part is adhesive.

The 6 paper cup machine operator in the normal production to keep the mouth of the cup, a cup body and a cup bottom forming condition, no timing of cup of bonding and dimension appearance check or by check.

7 employees to concentrate on the operation, found to have abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup forming is not good, should immediately stop check, avoid causing a greater loss than loss.

8 operators should be responsible for their production in the production process, the cup with boiling water test once every hour, every time 8.

The 9 paper cup machine operator will carton sealing, small packaging should be sampling quantity, sampling and correct the certificate of product or product pattern cut paste in the left side of the box in the upper right corner, and fill in the box number, production date, finally sealing neatly stacked to the specified location.

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