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Silicon Oil Fan Clutch

The fan speed is lower than the drive shaft, which will cause a great impact on the connection parts. The diameter of the heavy truck fan It is very large, and the inertia is also large. The fan follows the engine to rotate, and the engine starts and stops very quickly, which will cause a strong impact on the fan clutch connection. Under the action of inertia for a long time, the fan will fall under serious conditions and may damage the water tank.

Therefore, if there is a malfunction, go to a specialized truck repair shop for repair or replacement.

The silicone oil fan clutch uses silicone oil as the medium and uses the shear viscosity of the silicone oil to transmit torque.

During the driving of the truck, due to changes in environmental conditions and operating conditions, the thermal condition of the engine is also changing. So, it is very important to adjust the cooling intensity of the engine at any time according to the thermal condition of the engine. Installing a silicone oil fan clutch between the fan pulley and the cooling fan is one of the ways to achieve this adjustment.

Common faults
1. The helical bimetallic temperature sensor is broken, causing the fan to not rotate or working

2. The spiral-shaped bimetallic temperature sensor fails due to fatigue, and the temperature sensing condition is too high, which causes the fan to not work in time and affects the engine performance.

3. The oil storage cavity and working cavity are not tightly sealed, and the loss of silicone oil affects torque transmission.

In view of the above problems, many people choose to lock the fan clutch to solve the problem of excessive engine temperature. This treatment method can only be used temporarily while driving, and it is not recommended to use it for a long time. First, locking fan clutch will consume a lot of power, and secondly, the silicone oil can play a certain buffering effect. Even in the engaged state.

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